Digital Transformation and BRM

How BRMs Pave the way for Digital Transformation?

Above Image Courtesy – Image by John Hain from Pixabay How BRMs Pave the way for Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is more than a buzzword for modern businesses – Its understood that more than two-thirds of businesses recognise their company must digitize by 2020 in order to stay competitive. But despite its critical importance 70% […]

Coxswain and Crew

How BRM plays a Coxswain in an Agile World?

How BRM plays a Coxswain in an Agile World? In the VUCA (short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) digital world, strategy focused organisation edges the traditional conservative organisation. Agile is transforming the way professionals, teams, and entire organisations operate. Agile manifesto says “put Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. Although BRM and Agile […]

Strategic Partnering

BRM Application

BRM Application BRM Institute Provides Strategic Partnering Approach The Strategic Partnering Approach guides the participant through a framework aimed at leveraging a BRM capability to drive business value, build strategic business partnerships, and evolve enterprise culture. Participants will build a personalized journey map to move their team and their organizations forward. The Strategic Partnering Approach [...]
Executive Brief

BRM Executive Brief

Business Relationship Management Executive Brief Virtual Classroom Request For Schedule Virtual Instructor Lead Classroom Request For Schedule Bangalore Team/Corporate Training Build Organization capabilities in Continuous Delivery Architecture & Toolchain mapping Request for a Quote eLearning Request for Schedule Learning at your Convenience Features One Day 6 hours of Instructor-led training classes Case Study Share relevant [...]
House of BRM

What is Business Relationship Management?

What is Business Relationship Management? The business relationship manager (BRM) is a senior-level, strategic business partner who shares a crucial link between a Service Providers( IT, HR, finance..)  and the Business Partner (Marketing, Sales, Production, Purchase .. ) acting as a connector, orchestrator, and navigator between the service provider and one or more business units. […]

Value Leakage

How to Prevent Value Leakage ( The Greatest threat to Business Value Realization)- ?

How to Prevent Value Leakage ( The Greatest threat to Business Value Realization)-? Value is the lifeblood of the business world. Value, in the form of improved efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately, profit, is what businesses are interested in. But the greatest threat to value realization is Value Leakage. Value leakage occurs throughout the value network […]

Demand Shaping

Why Is Demand Shaping Imperative in Digital era?

Why Is Demand Shaping Imperative in Digital era? According to Jeanne W. Ross, director of MIT’s Centre for Information Systems Research (CISR) Demand Shaping is a process of ongoing negotiation and learning about a company’s most valuable and achievable business change opportunities. According to BRMP the Demand Shaping Discipline stimulates, surfaces and shapes business demand […]

Strategy Partnering Truth

Strategic partnering to combat competitive threats

Strategic partnering to combat competitive threats To stay ahead of the competition and in front of ever-changing consumer demand, businesses must be in a dynamic state of improvement. The competency of Strategic Partnering is much more than “order takers” of business requests. Strategic partnering assists with vision and demand shaping, influencing for support, ensuring overall […]


Business Capability Model is a model that represents an organization’s distinct and differentiated business capabilities, independent of the organization’s structure, systems, processes, people or domains. Organizations are leveraging business capability modeling as a way to express and explore “what we do,” so they can make decisions about “how we do it.” Leveraging business capability modeling […]