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The relationship between IT and the rest of the business has evolved significantly in recent years. Technology is now at the core of businesses worldwide, demanding that IT becomes a proactive and strategic partner rather than a reactive support provider.

In today’s customer-centric and value-driven business landscape, the role of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) has become crucial. BRM capability encompasses the skills, knowledge, and practices necessary to effectively manage relationships and align business objectives with technology solutions. As a strategic partner, the BRM works closely with stakeholders, understanding their needs, identifying opportunities, and driving value creation. By cultivating relationships across departments and external partners, the BRM acts as a trusted advisor, aligning technology initiatives with business strategies to ensure tangible value and overall success.

But how do you go about building strategic partnerships? Let’s dive into the steps you can take to enhance your BRM capability and become a trusted strategic partner.

Step 1: Understand the Business Value

To become a strategic partner, you must grasp what truly matters to the business. Whether it’s boosting profitability, gaining market share, or accelerating product and service releases, aligning IT with these objectives is key. By showcasing the value IT brings to customers and business partners, you shift the conversation from being a mere cost centre to a value centre.

Step 2: Shift from Cost to Value

Let’s face it—no one gets excited about cost optimization discussions. Instead, focus on articulating the outcomes and benefits that IT initiatives can deliver. Highlight how strategic IT efforts drive growth, innovation, and competitive advantage. By painting a picture of the value IT brings, you change the perception of IT within the organization.

Step 3: Embrace Your Role as an Orchestrator

Leave behind the notion of being a single point of contact and embrace your new role as an orchestrator. Rather than getting tangled in the nitty-gritty of daily operations, concentrate on aligning IT with the end-to-end value chain. Delegate tasks, empower your team, and ensure seamless collaboration across departments. Your ability to manage expectations and deliver results will position you as a trusted orchestrator of business success.

Step 4: Shape Demand, Unleash Creativity

Don’t settle for just managing demand; shape it. Step up and contribute innovative ideas and strategies that create maximum value for the business. Engage with stakeholders, understand their needs, and actively participate in decision-making. By challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box, you become a strategic thinker who drives meaningful change.

Step 5: Plug the Value Leakage

Value leakage is the bane of every strategic partner. It refers to those unplanned disruptions or unmet commitments that erode the value you aim to create. To build trust and credibility, focus on delivering consistently. Walk the talk and ensure that what you promise to your business partners is executed flawlessly. By minimizing value leakage, you demonstrate your dedication to excellence and foster strong, long-lasting partnerships.

Step 6: Empower Business Capability

As a strategic partner, your mission is to help the business grow its capabilities. Collaborate closely with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive blueprint and execution plan. Consider people, processes, products, and partnerships in your approach. By aligning IT initiatives with the overarching business objectives, you contribute directly to the organization’s growth and success.

Step 7: Delegate, Automate, and Elevate

To become a strategic partner, you must break free from the shackles of day-to-day tactical tasks. Delegate responsibilities wisely and leverage automation tools wherever possible. This allows you to redirect your focus to high-value activities that truly move the needle. Engage with your business partners, listen attentively to their needs, and offer insights and solutions that add tangible value to every interaction.

With the help of these steps, you’ll be well on your way to building your strategic partnership capabilities. Remember, this is an ongoing journey that requires continuous learning, collaboration, and adaptability. Embrace the challenge, unlock the full potential of your BRM capability, and make a significant impact as a strategic partner.

So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? Share your thoughts and experiences with us. Together, we can shape the future of IT and drive remarkable business outcomes. Unlock the potential of your IT organization with TaUB Solutions. We offer comprehensive BRM training and consulting services to help you build strong strategic partnerships and drive the convergence of IT and business.

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