Author: Suresh GP

Why DevSecOps Practitioner?

Why DevSecOps Practitioner? DevSecOps is an emerging practice that combines security and development teams. It is becoming more popular because it helps companies be more agile and secure. In this blog, we'll cover why DevSecOps Practitioner training is important The world of cybersecurity is changing rapidly. As technology advances, the threat landscape evolves, making it [...]

SKILup Hour: Upskilling IT – May 26th, 2022 – WEBINAR for APAC

SKILup Hours: Educational Webinars for IT Professionals include roundtable discussions that are moderated by industry experts; providing discreet buildable how-to knowledge on topics crossing people, process, and technology. Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn about our Upskilling research findings and how your organization can learn to become higher-performing. You Will Learn What […]

Global Big Data Conference (July 25-27 2022)

Looking forward to speaking at the Global Big Data Conference (July 25-27 2022) on my favourite topic of #SiteReliabilityEngineering Theme: “Pitching #SRE to your Senior Executives” This talk presents some pragmatic insights to pitch the value to Board, Senior Executives, and leaders to fund the Site Reliability Journey. 1. Understand the trends of SRE and […]

SRE Practitioner – Organizational impact and flourishing SRE Culture

Agenda –  What is SRE Practitioner? Why SRE profile has become one of the fastest-growing enterprise roles? Why is it important in building reliability and resilience? Benefits for Organizations and Individuals Non-Abstract large-scale design(NALSD) Career opportunities Q&A SRE Practitioner – Organizational impact and flourishing SRE Culture by Suresh GP, MD TaUB Solutions Link:  /a>

Fireside Chat on XLA and Experience Management

Agenda –  Introduction to XLA Myths around XLA and Experience Management Measuring Digital Employee Experience Practical Use Cases of Implementing XLA XLA Certification Journey Q&A See less LinkedIn Live by Suresh GP in conversation with Weston Morris Event Link: About: Join me for the Linkedin Live event along with Weston Morris, Director, Global Strategy at […]