Author: Suresh Seetharaman


Sustainable IT – Green revolution for your organization’s IT

Sustainable IT – Green revolution for your organization’s IT The phrase “sustainable development” was adopted and popularized in 1987 by Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. The Brundtland Commission provided a definition of sustainable development that was used for the next 25 years: “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability […]


BRM Institute Knowledge Providers (KPs)

BRM Institute Knowledge Providers (KPs) – Helps Build a Culture   Studies have suggested that firms can benefit from bridging two or more otherwise disconnected Business Units/Functions and help them make more informed decisions and deliver value across the organization. A change in culture is the need of the hour.   A Relationship-Centered Organization helps build the [...]

Now to New – A Evolved BRM

Now to New – A Evolved BRM  A constant companion in the never-ending quest for value is change Relationships are everywhere and organizations are built on, with, and through them. It had been there since the bygone era. Then Why Business Relationship Management is being spoken of as a concept now and post-pandemic with the [...]

The Three S- Curves

The Three S- Curves  Indian IT companies in the past have gracefully transitioned three S-Curves - Mainframe, Client-server, and Internet. But their ability to reinvent themselves over the next 10 years depends on various factors. According to an article in LinkedIn Forget all those doomsday forecasts by Manish Sabharwal and Santhosh Thangavelu – India’s Information [...]

Why is the BRM Role becoming increasingly important during the Global Pandemic?

Why is the BRM Role becoming increasingly important during the Global Pandemic?  BRMs are the ones who will not only help businesses with current operations succeed but also help define a new path forward. They Stimulate, surface, and shape business demand. Leaders who often rely on pattern recognition and experience find that today's pandemic issue [...]

How to expand your BRM knowledge in 2021?

How to expand your BRM knowledge in 2021? Upgrading your BRM Knowledge in 2021 How to expand your BRM knowledge in 2021? What does it mean? The answer is simple, by expanding your knowledge outside the core functional area and understanding the entire technology stack. Your planning career path will expand as the business will […]


Why CBRM Certification?

Why CBRM Certification? CBRM Certification – An advanced level of BRMP Certification. BRMP is about the ‘what ‘of Business Relationship Management (BRM), as against CBRM, which is about the ‘How’ of BRM Having acquired a BRMP certification leaves any BRM wondering about what are the options for the road ahead for such a professional. Broadly […]

BRM Career Pathways Knowledge Series – Part 2

BRM Career Pathways – Part 2:  BRM Career Pathways series is to provide the foundation and knowledge for aspiring Business Relationship Managers How to land on a BRM Role? According to Simon Sinek’s idea of Golden Circle, Every organization must start with the question of why? This illustrates the purpose, belief and cause of why […]

What Is DevSecOps

What is DevSecOps

What Is DevSecOps? DevSecOps is a significant extension of the DevOps system, the latter being built to enhance the agility of organizations in developing, delivering and maintaining support for their products and services. It is thus indeed necessary to understand first the origin of the DevOps philosophy which primarily came into existence to provide thrust to the [...]