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Why is the BRM Role becoming increasingly important during the Global Pandemic?

 BRMs are the ones who will not only help businesses with current operations succeed but also help define a new path forward. They Stimulate, surface, and shape business demand.

Leaders who often rely on pattern recognition and experience find that today’s pandemic issue has no historical comparisons.

 To survive, Leaders are challenging the C-Level Executives to transform and work with these new business norms. Savvy CEOs challenge their CXOs to move their enabling organization from shared service providers to converged strategic business partners.

Business leaders look for Visionaries, Problem Solvers, and Strategists.

Following every crisis that disrupts regular business, some introspection needs to prove fruitful only if it translates into the effort.

How Can BRM Help this Transformation?

 According to Steve Presley – Chairman & CEO, Nestle USA – For us to take the next-generation step in business for Nestle, we have to make Technology a weapon in the marketplace that allows us to win. We have to be highly Collaborative together.

 Anna Mohl – BEO, Nestle Health Science, says – “As we think about ways of working, it’s about establishing a strong relationship based on open, frequent, transparent communication and trust – this will be the recipe for success. We are counting on you – our IT Partners to lead us, to partner with us, and grow with us as we drive forward.”

 They need Business Relationship Managers to orchestrate 

BRM as Quality Orchestrator

Orchestrators are Visionaries. They help build strategies for providers to meet the digital challenges faced by businesses now and in the future. 

Quality orchestration is not a matter of connecting people, processes, and Technology. It’s about understanding the proper context – a deep understanding of the business environment, the outcomes, and the context Within which we will apply it.

According to an often-cited study from McKinsey  state that 70 percent of digital transformation efforts fail. The reasons are many, and not surprisingly, McKinsey lists lack of management support, inadequate or non-existent collaboration across silos, lack of employee engagement, and accountability as some of the main culprits.

BRM as an Orchestrator helps business partners acknowledge that once digital becomes an integral part of your business, the organization must prepare for a state of perpetual change and continuous improvement.

BRMs Orchestrate capabilities to drive value from Provider services, Coordinate and aggregate business demand for the Business Partner, and Orchestrate key Provider roles on behalf of the Business Partner. 

BRMs help embrace Change

We humans don’t resist change but resist being changed. Since birth, we are hardwired and always care for certainty; uncertainties are seen as a threat.

To embrace change, we have first to challenge the status quo. BRMs help you with this through two pillars Safety and Meaning.  

Today, we live in a highly disruptive world of extreme transition and turbulence, and uncertainty. To respond and be proactive, BRMs create an environment to feel that uncertainty is a safe area to dwell in. They create a sense of feeling that it’s ok to fail and that we learn from our failures

Embrace Change 

They help build the State of the Trust.

BRMs, help you revisit and help you understand WIIFM – What is in for me? They allow you to find the meaning and why you should get out of your comfort zone.

 BRMs 3-Distilled Focus Areas

 In the demand shaping and servicing life cycle, these are three key areas BRMs focus on

 Stimulates, surfaces, and shapes business demand

BRMs associated with Value Management focus on high-value demand leveraging provider capabilities and realizing the business value. The emphasis here is understanding business partners’ business, strategic directions, value drivers, and goals.

BRM focuses on harvesting value while minimizing value leakage

 Experience Management

BRM has to have skin in the game and lead the way to the Holistic Business Partner Experience.

They ensure that Provider services, as experienced by the Business Partner, satisfy and arguably surpass. This directly impacts the relationship with Business Partners and becomes the gateway to establish the higher-order relationship. 

Relationship Management

 The BRM Engages in Strategic relationships and is the single point of Focus in managing the relationship between business partner and Provider based on shared vision and goals. They help establish Mutual accountability for achieving value from investments in Provider services and capabilities. 

As Strategic Partners, they ensure that the Provider engages early and often in the Business Partner decision cycle and have Provider capabilities appropriate to business needs.

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