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What Is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is a significant extension of the DevOps system, the latter being built to enhance the agility of organizations in developing, delivering and maintaining support for their products and services.

It is thus indeed necessary to understand first the origin of the DevOps philosophy which primarily came into existence to provide thrust to the software developers’ propensity to match the flow of wants and pressure from the customers.

Close on the heels of its emergence, DevOps came to be widely espoused by a range of Companies.

A vivid instance that can be cited is that of the OTT platform from Netflix, which has been detecting all possible flaws in its software, with the adoption of DevOps. Its framework identifies as a hindrance; every possibility that cramps the swiftness and pace of ushering a fresh product, service, or program iteration into the market.

The challenge for IT companies and software development sectors lies in launching their products instantly, as it involves unimaginable risks, that could specifically entail expensive recalls, emergency fixes, and cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Having a DevOps approach to software development practices is a privilege for Companies, since, with the inclusion of DevSecOps in their culture, they are well equipped to prevent risk exposure and do not have to compromise with their flexibility and speed. They address the daunting challenge of quick product launches, by prioritizing security at par with operations.

Why Is DevSecOps Important?

The success of IT Management and accomplishing business goals since a few years have come to mean the same. More than being just the engine that sets operations of business organizations  in motion, IT has also proven to be a prime factor in creating value. This has increasingly necessitated over the last few decades, equipping IT to set strategic priorities besides enhancing performance; Security, being the top priority of the day.

The IT empowered solutions have been sustained by elements like data protection, threat prevention, and compliance which are just only some of the security factors that are indispensable in maintaining IT products and services. In addition to fiscal sanctions, Security lapses are bound to affect serious detriment to a Company’s image among its buyers.DevSecOps being a new mutation in the DevOps practices makes a significant shift from the preexisting DevOps cultures of employing security officers and takes the game ahead by planting security points unified with every step of the CI-CD process. Conclusively, in terms of IT improvisations, it pitches security in equivalence with software development and operations.

Skills and Salaries of DevSecOps Engineers

Skills and Salaries of DevSecOps Engineers

In DevSecOps, the entire code is evaluated from the point of view of a Security Engineer. The processes of automation constantly scan and detect for weaknesses and flaws. Simultaneously, developments relating to security and compliance, new tools and techniques, are apprised by the DevSecOps engineer to their team-mates.

Owing to the use of DevOps all over and due to the element of Security turning out to be a pivotal factor in IT, DevSecOps Engineers have grown in great demand.

DevSecOps Engineers are masters, constantly re-enhancing DevSecOps cultures, ever involved in the process of implementation and analysis. Applying themselves studiously to learning DevSecOps can work wonderfully for Security professionals in scaling up their careers.

The value that is attached to the DSO Certification manifests in the lucrative remuneration drawn by a DSO Engineer on an average.

Skills and Knowledge that DSO Certification endorses:

  • Integration of security into DevOps methodology
  • Intervention of culture in the organizational management
  • Universal Security architecture
  • Identity Management(IdM) framework
  • Blocking Security weaknesses in Applications
  • Introducing Security alongside Operations
  • Combining Security with Development and Operations through Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Audit Logging, Monitoring, and Response

Gains of DSO to an Organization

  • DevSecOp is a securely designed developing software
  • There is an enhanced affirmation of fulfilling security, compliance, legal and regulatory stipulations.
  • Harmonious coexistence between security experts and developers
  • Well formulated, scalable and speed-conscious operations

Gains to individuals

  • Learning how DevSecOps lends to GRC to create business value
  • Knowing the fact that Security and Speed go hand in hand in software development
  • Assimilating the significance of tools and automation
  • Comprehending how culture prioritizes security

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