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How BRM plays a Coxswain in an Agile World?

In the VUCA (short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) digital world, strategy focused organisation edges the traditional conservative organisation. Agile is transforming the way professionals, teams, and entire organisations operate. Agile manifesto says “put Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. Although BRM and Agile serve different purposes, they are both disciplines for optimizing business value. BRM delivers value by translating the executive leadership strategy into a shared strategy that ensures results and innovation across an entire organization. Where as agile translates business strategies into deliverable value through creating small, incremental successes that are fast, accurate, and of high quality. BRM as Coxswain BRM is like a Coxswain, who steers a racing boat. Have you seen an eight-person shell racing up the river: the team contains eight highly talented and motivated athletes? The key to the success is that they row in synchronization. Imagine if each rower had a different idea of how to succeed, like how many strokes per minute would be optimal? Which course should they follow given the wind direction, wind speed and water current? If they devise and attempt to implement individual tactics (like siloed mentality in organization) it would be disastrous. Like the coxswain who is steering, executing race strategy, keeping a crew synchronized and motivating rowers to pull harder on their oars, BRMs ensures that all stakeholders work in synchronization and they execute the leadership strategy and deliver value across the organization.
“Have you seen an eight-person shells racing up the river, the team contains eight highly talented and motivated athletes? The key to the success is they row in synchronization.”
BRM and Agile Strong business relationship management will ensure that your ship is moving in the right direction. Strong Agile will ensure that your ship is moving further during each “sprint.” With focus on speed, quality, and delivery of incremental change in the “now,” however, there are no promises that the delivered changes will sync with long-term organizational strategy. Business relationship management serves as a compass and sextant for technology, human resources, finance, and other areas of the business. They translate the executive vision into strategy in respective business areas. The business world has become more complex and volatile, the need for speed, accuracy, and measurable value are more paramount than ever. BRM and Agile working together can deliver optimised business value and results. To Learn more about Business Relationship Management and Certification, Join our BRMP workshops