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Leverage the Power of Mentorship


Every Organisation is faced today with an uphill task for getting their employees, business partners, service providers understand and scale up to the business demand and deliver strategic business outcomes. In order to realize this need, there has to be a mechanism to groom BRMs, mentor them and facilitate their career progression and skill matrix. This session is focused on giving practical insights to developing a mentor-mentee platform in an organization and articulate the benefits, processes, and challenges to make it a reality. The Presenter has had hands-on experience in managing a large scale mentor-mentee program and also continues to serve as a mentor in the BRM Institute for newly joined BRMers. To make it interactive, audience can post questions and issues from their experience and get expert feedback and tactical steps to make their Mentorship program a huge success.

A Strategic Partner in Practice: Grab@Pizza Simulation

12-Oct-2017 | 1:15 PM  –  04:15 PM | Riverview A

 Have you wondered how it would feel to be a strategic partner instead of an order taker? This business simulation will help you understand how relationships improve between business and IT. *Also part of the CBRMs, Executive, Consultants/ATOs, and Media & Research Learning Tracks


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