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Essence of Experience

This 4-hour course introduces Experience, what it is, and why it matters. In class, we use interactive exercises to nail down the concept of Experience Level Agreements (XLAs), setting learners on a solid path beyond ITIL, SLAs, and KPIs into a new perspective on service delivery and performance.

XLA Foundation

This 2.5-day course introduces best practices for embracing XLAs and transforming into an employee-focused organization. You will learn how to embed the Experience framework and articulate the value of an experience-based culture.

Mastering XLAs

The 8-hour course introduces the XLA Creation methodology. We take a deep dive on the two types of XLAs covering both the experience consumerโ€™s and providerโ€™s points of view. The course takes learners through an interactive case study and exercises to demonstrate the method and processes used.

Mastering the XMO

This 8-hour course takes learners through the XMO concepts, then explores an XMOโ€™s scope, the roles required, a variety of science of experience management techniques, the art of experience interpretations, and dealing
with the experience ecosystem in an operational environment.