DevOps Leader


DevOps Leader

The DevOps Leader course is a unique and practical experience for participants who want to take a transformational leadership approach and make an impact within their organization by implementing DevOps. Leading people through a DevOps evolution requires new skills, tools, innovative thinking, and transformational leadership. Leaders up, down and across an organization must align and collaborate to break down silos and evolve the organization.

Introduces new and innovative ways to organize and manage value streams using DevOps practices. Tailored for those engaged in a DevOps evolution.




This course provides leaders in a tactical or strategic roles to design, influence, implement DevOps adoption. Since the culture transformation is the critical success factor DevOps adoption, individuals will understand the human dynamics of the culture change and will be equipped with practices, methods and tools to engage people across the DevOps spectrum.


The learning objectives for DOL include a practical understanding of:

  1. DevOps and time to value
  2. Mindset and mental models
  3. Key differences between DevOps IT and traditional IT
  4. Target operating models and organizational design
  5. Performance management, rewards and motivation
  6. Preparing investment cases
  7. Focusing on value outcomes
  8. Ideas for organizing workflows
  9. Empowerment and participation
  10. Defining meaningful metrics
  11. Value stream mapping
  12. Driving cultural and behavioral change


  • Course Introduction
    1. Course Goals
    2. Course Agenda
  • Module 1: DevOps and Transformational Leadership
    1. Current Definitions of DevOps
    2. Benefits of DevOps
    3. Transformational Leadership
  • Module 2: Unlearning Behaviors
    1. Psychological Safety and Neuroscience
    2. Mindset, Mental Models and Cognitive Bias
    3. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and DevOps
  • Module 3: Becoming a DevOps Organization
    1. How DevOps Differs
    2. DevOps Kaizen
    3. Building Safety In
  • Module 4: Measure to Learn
    1. Avoiding Measure to Target
    2. Creating a Current Value Stream Map
  • Module 5: Measure to Improve
    1. The Improvement Kata and Experiments
    2. Creating a Future Value Stream Map
  • Module 6: Target Operating Models and Organizational Design
    1. Conway’s Law
    2. Desired Outcomes of DevOps
    3. DevOps TOM Design Principles
  • Module 7: Articulating and Socializing Vision
    1. Organizational Change in Large Enterprises
    2. Empowering People
    3. Broadcasting Outside of Your Organization
  • Module 8: Maintaining Energy and Momentum
    1. The DevOps Business Case
    2. Culture and Climate
    3. A High-Trust Culture
  • Additional Sources of Information
  • Exam Preparations
    1. Exam Requirements, Question Weighting, and Terminology List
    2. Sample Exam Review


Successfully passing (65%) the 90 minute (105 minutes if English is not a native tongue) exam, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the DevOps Leader Certificate. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps Institute (US); exams are delivered through an independent, global examination partner.


Overall the DevOps course was excellent, as it is a leadership course rather than a technical course. It enables the participants to think like leaders. The course was made interesting by the instructor Suresh who has several real-life examples to explain the concepts, the use of metaphors and associating stories created an indelible impression. Suresh is a seasoned professional who has conducted this course several times and he kept the participants engaged. It was a very valuable experience.

Ganesh Karthik J, Melbourne, Australia


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