ITIL 4 Webinar – What is new and have changed

In this Webinar, HDI Top 25 Influencer and Managing Director of TaUB Solutions did a session on ITIL 4 on What is new and What has changed?

Episode 1: Enterprise Service Management (ESM) with Prasad Ramakrishnan

Episode 2: High Velocity IT with Mark Smalley

Episode 3: Knowledge Management with April Allen

Episode 4: Resilience at Work with Karen Ferris

Episode 5: Cyber Resilience with Abbas Kudrati

Episode 6: Cloud Service Management (CSM) with Siddharth Pareek

Episode 7: DevOps with Romnick Acabado

Episode 8: Business Relationship Management (BRM) with Beatrice Leistenschneider.

Episode 9: Elevating IT to get a seat at the Table with Sonali Mukherjee

Episode 10: Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) with Biswajit Mohapatra