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Why CBRM Certification?

CBRM Certification – An advanced level of BRMP Certification.

BRMP is about the ‘what ‘of Business Relationship Management (BRM), as against CBRM, which is about the ‘How’ of BRM

Having acquired a BRMP certification leaves any BRM wondering about what are the options for the road ahead for such a professional. Broadly he or she is faced with two probable questions which are regarding,

1.   The Path To Be Adopted The way to value addition.

The next step after the BRMP initiation throws open three paths before you.

  1. Remain inactive, choosing to not do anything at all
  2. Execution​: ​earning a seat at the table
  3. Continue your education: Get CBRM certified

2. Execution: Earning a seat at the table

This literally means taking up a job as a BRMP in an organization. Assuming such a professional role the course to chart hereon would be by:

  1. Finding out the current stage at which your company is functioning in its supply chain process.
  2. Planning how you can enhance value at every stage.
  3. Spotting areas where there is scope to insert activity that might help to set things in motion.
Quick Effective Implementation:
  1. Keeping an eye for segments where you can bring about a change.
  2. Picking out stages where you can prove the profitable effectiveness of the training processes you implemented.


3. Continue your education: Get CBRM certified

To obtain a CBRM certificate one has to build upon the BRMP foundation by pursuing further learning. Qualifying yourself as a certified BRM enables you to bring about a direct connection between investment and value. If you succeed in establishing this direct link by using tools of BRM to generate, enhance and guarantee business value, the significance of training tends to be unconditionally trusted and approved.

Putting it in a nutshell, the foundational course, i.e. BRMP is about the ‘what‘ of Business Relationship Management (BRM), as against CBRM, which is about the ‘How’ of BRM.

The gradual progression for professionals to move from intermediate to advanced business relationship management is to get the CBRM® Practitioner Qualification. This online course derives its significance due to the fact that the curriculum covered concentrates on strategic business relationship management, which is what ultimately is applied to maximize business value in an organization.

Clearing this qualifier course is to test and make sure that the candidate in question is knowledgeable and competent enough to get into the role of being a Strategic Business Relationship Manager.

Being run through an ACME Leisurewear Case Study, the curriculum is woven around three factors:

❖ Understanding and assessing the BRM context

❖ Building strategic relationships

❖ Making the  best use  of Business value

B. The Way to value addition.

Why invest in CBRM?

The major rationale behind obtaining the qualification of a CBRM is the value addition brought about in the business of an organization, which can be done through large value drivers such as:

Tools and techniques:

Transcending the foundational status quo of BMRP, the CBRM programme is all about roughing it out and getting involved in the how of business relationship management, which is why this phase is known to be a developmental one, where you see strategies and guidance coming into play to enhance business value.

Communicating Medium

A few years back, the realm of BRM was a relatively newer one, and was gradually getting to become familiar as such, and CBRM goes a long way in filling the gaps, as it proves to be the common coordinating medium of communication across all traditional, industry defined processes such as project management, business process improvement, agile scrum mastering. The CBRM certification binds all these together with a continued enlightenment and a repository of documents on significant subjects.

Best Value For Money

In their degree curriculum, major educational academies include many tools, processes and strategies inherently spelt out in the CBRM course. The cost of learning concepts and discussions through a master’s degree in a period of two years, is extravagant when compared to the CBRM which takes only four days and comes at a fraction of the cost of a master’s degree. CBRM gets you the bang for your buck.

CBRM is of tremendous value for BRM professionals without the graduate degree tariff, yearning to educate themselves with higher-level learning.

The Prospect Of Instant Value

Putting anything to use reveals its value in the real sense. Concepts picked up at a CBRM coaching can be put to the application at the workplace, thereby finding infinite opportunities to not only save the buck, but to generate wealth and value. Being equipped with the tools, the advice, and the know-how, it is only a matter of being determined to get things into action.

Having an entire team undergo training would be an ideal case scenario, as things can be turned around in no time. If the whole juggernaut of a team puts its weight behind consistently, the BRM virtue can be scaled up immensely and the culture of the organization could be transformed into one of being value-centric.

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