Strategic Partnering Approach

Strategic Partnering Approach Workshop

Virtual Classroom

July 07 and 08 2020 IST



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Team/Corporate Training

Lift the BRM capability in your organization and become a part of shifting the enterprise culture to one of value-focus.


Two Days

16 hours of Instructor-led training classes

Case Study

Share relevant Industry Insights

Tools and Techniques

Providing strategies and guidance that answer the question of “how.”

The Strategic Partnering Approach workshop guides the participant through creation of a journey map to move their function to a converged strategic partner with shared ownership of business strategy and results. As a Strategic Partner your primary focus is on strategic business relationship management leveraged to drive business value, build strategic partnerships and evolve enterprise culture.

While most organizations have some level of BRM capability, the Strategic Partnering Approach is designed to help business professionals engaging key stakeholders in co-creating a roadmap for reaching and sustaining strategic partnerships that drive increased collaboration and ensure value optimization across the organization.

Any organization that is launching a BRM capability, working to improve its BRM capability, or is interested in taking its successful BRM capability to the next level can benefit from team engagement in Strategic Partnering sessions.

Workshop participants can expect interactive and lively one-to-two-day sessions, with a deep dive into the most common obstacles experienced by organizations working to evolve their BRM capability. Among these topics are:

  1. Clarifying your organization’s goal with IT, HR, Finance and other functions as a co-leaders (Strategy)
  2. Evolving culture to support collaboration and shared ownership (Culture)
  3. Breaking down siloes to integrate different functions (Convergence)
  4. Understanding the impact BRM has on each individual function (Making It Personal
  5. Energizing and empowering the BRM capability team (Team)
  6. Ensuring and communicating realized value (Measurement)

1. Introduction – This section sets the context and background outlining the need for BRM capability success.
2. Setting the Strategic Partnership Goal – This section explains why strategic partnership is necessary, with a focus on shared ownership of business strategy and business results.
3. Defining the “How” of Strategic Partnering – This section determines what it takes to achieve strategic partnership.
4. Building a Journey Map for Strategic Partnering – This section walks the reader through simple steps to achieve strategic partnership and shared ownership of strategy and results.
5. Continuous Improvement – Building on Success – This section details how to optimize the value of the BRM capability, its impact, and business results.
6. Catalog of Business Relationship Management Playbook Techniques – This section provides guidance on specific BRM techniques and other reference materials for your professional success.

Business Relationship Management (BRM) Education will help your team to take that next step in their development. The Certified Business Relationship Manager course is a practitioner course. The target audience for this course is:

  1. Business leaders.
  2. Provider leadership and management staff.
  3. BRMs looking for additional formal training and certification.
  4. Anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of the relationship between the Business Partner and Provider
  1. Workshop Workbook and handouts
  2. The ability to apply for the BRM Institute Certificate of workshop completion
  3. The ability to apply for MBRM, Master of BRM and Certificate of Experience


Are there any pre-requisites for this workshop?

No pre-requisites for this workshop. If it is a company, BRM team leader, or anyone looking to evolve culture, build strategic partnerships, and/or drive business value, we recommend that the BRM capability leadership start with the Application path with the Strategic Partnering Approach to formulate the journey map to success, followed by BRMP for individual BRMs, complete with coaching throughout.

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Why CBRM Certification?

Why CBRM Certification? CBRM Certification – An advanced level of BRMP Certification. BRMP is about the ‘what ‘of Business Relationship Mana