Becoming a Value Focused Organization

Becoming a Value Focused Organization

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Sep 08 and 09,2020 EST

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The Becoming a Value-Focused Organization workshop guides participants through a value approach consisting of a full-cycle value optimization framework that works across business functions to ensure that the organization drives towards business success. The value optimization approach and framework are designed to empower business professionals to share ownership of business value by engaging business partners/peers in idea generation (ideation), value planning, and ensuring business value results through value measuring, optimizing, and communication.

Workshop participants can expect an interactive and lively two-day session, with a deep dive into the value framework to become value-focused. Topics include:

  1. Clarifying the definition of business value in both tangible and intangible terms
  2. Clarifying value enablers and where value is lost
  3. Understanding the role of BRM in becoming a value-focused organization
  4. Understanding how to define ideas and value plans
  5. Understanding how to measure value—specifically, intangibles
  6. Ensuring and communicating realized value
  7. Evolving behavior and culture to focus on value
  8. Understanding the link between a value-focused organization and BRM Institute’s business value ability organization assessment
  1. The Becoming a Value-Focused Organization workshop is supported with the book Business Relationship Management: Value Framework.
  2. Becoming a Value-Focused Organization is a part of the BRM Institute Knowledge Path to SuccessApplication Series that serves as an addition to BRM Institute’s current BRM certification programs, BRMP® and CBRM®.

Certification will be Issued

 Any organization looking to optimize and ensure business value through a BRM capability will benefit from this workshop.


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There is no Exam for this. But certification will be issued

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