Kakushin Lean IT

Kakushin – The Lean Transformation Way of Life@Work

In the world of Lean, there are three terminologies used in the domain of improvement. Kaizen, Kaikaku and Kakushin. Kaizen (改善) = change+good = continuous improvement (DMAIC). Kaikaku (改革) = change + radical = reform/big improvement (DMAIC). Kakushin (革新) = new + transformation = innovation / reform / renewal (DMEDI) Recently I had a conversation about [...]

Marslander – Agile Service Management Simulation

What is Marslander all about?  The challenges faced by ITSM organisations in the coming years are about developing new ways of working that are more aligned with business needs and that provide a more agile approach to providing products and services. Now more than ever we need to develop end-to-end capabilities requiring improved communication and […]