What Is DevSecOps

What is DevSecOps

What Is DevSecOps? DevSecOpsย is a significant extension of the DevOps system, the latter being built to enhance the agility of organizations in developing, delivering and maintaining support for their products and services. It is thus indeed necessary to understand first the origin of the DevOps philosophyย which primarily came into existence to provide thrust to the [...]
DevSecOps for Product Owner

DevSecOps for Product Manager

Security has always been an afterthought for agile teams. One of the common premise agile teams neglect Security is because it is not an explicit part of the common agile framework. Security requirements are mostly discussed and identified during the discovery or high-level planning phase and tested at the end, leaving a vacuum during the […]

DevSecOps Engineer

DevSecOps Foundation

DevSecOps Foundation Download Brochure Virtual Instructor Lead Jun 12 and 13 – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm IST Virtual Instructor Lead Classroom Request For Schedule Bangalore Team/Corporate Training Request for a Quote Features Two Days 16 hours of Instructor-led training classes Case Study Share relevant Industry Insights By Practioners Shares real-world experience Course DescriptionObjectivesAgendaExam and [...]