SRE – Incident Management

Title: SRE – Incident Management
When: Thursday, 2 February, 2023 APAC:11am SGT

SKILup Hours are educational webinars for IT Professionals that include roundtable discussions moderated by industry experts. They provide discrete buildable, how-to knowledge on topics crossing people, process, and technology.

Incident management is a pivotal IT service that changes as organizations adopt higher levels of DevOps capabilities. DevOps insists that we balance stability with throughput. Teams need to find ways to ensure that accelerating change and release cycles, doesn’t impact the availability of their digital products and services. And at the same time, teams must find ways to reduce Mean Time to Discovery (MTTD) and Recovery (MTTR) so that they are released from the burden of unplanned work.

Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn about how Incident Management with DevOps helps organizations reduce the time and energy spent managing incidents, and achieve higher levels of innovation and performance.

Suresh GP, M-Tech is currently the Founder & Managing Director of TaUB Solutions. He has more than 20+ Years of IT experience and specialized in IT Service Management, IT Governance, Agile, DevOps and Business Relationship Management. Suresh as a Principal Consultant does Consulting, Training, Simulations and Implementation services for DevOps to Fortune 2000 organization

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SRE – Incident Management

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