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Maxson Chellapandian – Director, IT Operations – ICON

Thanks to Suresh GPS and Suresh Seetharaman on the BRM training provided to the ICON IT management team in Chennai.  The training was very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. I would like to appreciate the groundwork undertaken by Suresh to understand our role, challenges and our objectives of the course ahead of the actual training. A well-balanced composition of participants also contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges.

Thanks to the whole course review in 20 minutes ahead of the exam which was very helpful and timely to score well in exams with 100% passing rate. The course has definitely provided me and the rest of the ICON team with the framework and principles to apply BRM in our day-to-day work. We have already trained 2 batches in Chennai and we are currently planning to get a team trained in Manila shortly. I would strongly recommend Suresh for best in class BRM training across the globe!