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Learn SRE from Elite Partner of
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    About SRE Foundation

    This SRE Course highlights the evolution of SRE and its future direction, and equips participants with the practices, methods, and tools to engage people across the organization involved in reliability and stability evidenced through the use of real-life scenarios and case stories

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    Module 1: SRE Principles & Practices
    Module 2: Service Level Objectives & Error Budgets
    Module 3: Reducing Toil
    Module 4: Monitoring & Service Level Indicators
    Module 5: SRE Tools & Automation
    Module 6: Anti-Fragility & Learning from Failure
    Module 7: Organizational Impact of SRE
    Module 8: SRE, Other Frameworks, Trends

    Key Benefits

    The learning objectives for the SRE Foundation course include a practical understanding of:

    • History of SRE
    • The inter-relationship of SRE with DevOps
    • The underlying principles behind SRE
    • Service Level Objectives (SLO’s) and Service Level Indicators (SLI’s)
    • Error budgets
    • Toil and its effect on an organization’s productivity
    • Observability as something to indicate the health of a service
    • SRE tools, automation techniques and the importance of security
    • Anti-fragility
    • Impact of SRE to the organization

    Why TaUB?

    One of the 4 global elite partners of DevOps Institute

    8 years in this business

    20+ years of practical experience

    Average rating onTrust Pilot is 4.9

    TaUB MD G P Suresh is the Co-Author of SRE Practitioner and Observability Foundation Course

    Hear what our clients have to say

    The session was very informative and useful. It was a great time spent on learning about the core concepts of SRE. Got to know many concepts which helps to know how each engineering activity can impact the whole platform

    Sri VigneshTechnology Associate at Citi
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    One thing that I liked the most about SRE training is the organization of course structure. Whilst SRE Foundation Training helped us to know - ‘what & how’ about SRE and to get everyone on to same page, SRE Practitioner sessions helped in gaining the confidence to understand variety of business/customer needs in SRE point-of-view and to implement relevant SRE strategy at various levels of engagement.

    Jayadev KamarshiSenior Technology Architect
    Infosys Limited

    Excellent experience starting from onboarding to completion of training. Suresh GP - Trainer for the course demonstrated deep diverse knowledge over and above SRE such as service management and how SRE integrated with DevOps was exceptional.

    Sivaramachandran NVResult driven IT transformation leader
    Strategic large deal architect
    Global solutions leader

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a prerequisite for taking SRE Foundation?

    Though there is no prerequisite required basic familiarity with Ops and Infra is recommended.

    What are the costs involved?

    Our pricing varies depending on the country you are located hence please fill the form, we will get un touch you and discuss the pricing, We also have special offers in pricing.

    How can I enroll and what is the schedule?

    Please fill the form and we will get in touch with you and share the public calendar.

    Do you also giving certification?

    Being the Elite partner of DevOps Institute, we are authorized to issue exam vouchers for online certification. DevOps Institute is a globally recognized body and the certification is recognized worldwide

    Don't wait any longer,

    "Site reliability engineers are in demand simply because, without a smart and capable SRE practice, most organizations wouldn’t be able to survive in current competitive marketplaces."

    -Samer Akkoub, Gitlab

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