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Katie Larson Manager of Operations Wolters Kluwer

Being an operations manager often puts individuals such as myself into a variety of situations where we need to collaboratively work with multiple business units, as well as the leaders of those business units.  By that very nature, we are often tasked to switch gears very quickly in order to navigate many different business relationships at varying levels each day.  This is where the Business Relationship Management Professional (“BRMP”) training and certification can be a real game changer.

Working with TaUB solutions on the fundamentals of BRMP through their three-day course really allowed me to understand the things I have been doing right in these types of business relationships, which gave me a ton of confidence on what had previously felt like “guess work.”  Equally as important, this training course also allowed me to understand not only the “why” behind some of my business relationships that feel less developed than others, but also gave the “how” when it comes to building these relationships into more positive directions.

I highly recommend this course through TaUB for anyone who is looking to better understand and build business relationships within their current position, as well as those looking to leverage these types of solid business relationships as a means for future career growth.  Many thanks to the TaUB team for an excellent experience and invaluable learning that is sure to pave the way for building my business relationships today, as well as those in the future!

Katie Larson- Manager of Operations, Wolters Kluwer