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The DevSecOps course content was great, the instructor Hari, was didactic, brought many examples and you can tell he knows the subject very well. For a Technical oriented professional with some dev security background like me, what possibly will complement and take advantage the most are the soft parts, like the Cultural and Management considerations like the Incentive Model, organizations types and implications, information on how to influence decision-makers and the use of gamification to change behavior and instill security practices within the team. Even when the course is tech agnostic, like all from DevOps Institute, he brought examples in AWS and Azure, to complement some subjects. He shared the new advances on security and new tools, and their application that I was not aware of, so it helped me update and raise my awareness on what is currently available to solve problems that we are/could face. All the advice and additional material will be more than useful and is really appreciated. Thank you for the great training. Recommended.