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It is the time of the year to rewind events that unfolded during 2014 , review lessons learnt and thank with gratitude for the great people who have created a significant impact in your personal growth and career development

To me personally 2014 was a fantastic year ahead where I completed my 1 year as Board of Director of itSMF India Chapter, Won the ITSM Contributor of the year from itSMF Singapore,  Spoke at  5 itSMF International Chapters and signed off from HP after serving for 8 years to puruse my dream of being on my own. The Consulting shop of TaUB Solutions was opened in Nov along with my beloved partner Sathya

Get together at Fusion Party hosted by ISM – 16 Different Nationalities and  fun throughout the night.

itSMF India Chapter :

This year, we were able to create 3 new chapters Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and this would not have been possible without support  of Vinsys (Pune), Manage Engine (Chennai) and CSC (Hyderabad)

I was personally satisfied that the ITSM community has started acknowledging the potential of the emerging itSMF India Chapter which echoed vibrantly at LeadIT14 (Thanks Kathryn Heaton, itSMF Events Chair), Back 2ITSM and great turn out of  itSMF India Annual Conference 2014 on 5th Nov at Bangalore.  My special thanks to James Finister who not only pursued TCS to get corporate membership but also Conference Sponsorship and their senior management to support itSMF India Chapter activities across cities in India.

itSMF Singapore:

One of the greatest moments of my ITSM journey was March 21st 2014 when  itSMF Singapore  honored  me with the ITSM Contributor of year 2013  amidst lot of deserving candidates. Truly the 2 years of role as Executive Council Member gave me required confidence and best practice to do justice to my role of Board of Director at itSMF India.  Thanks to Ramaprasad Mammidi, Vinay Jain and the entire board for wonderful experience.


This was my first International appearance as a speaker and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and more importantly meeting f2f some of the best ITSM minds.  There is definitely a charm in the city of London and suddenly after SITS14 and itSMF UK Conference, London has become a 2nd home.  My takeaways from SITS14 can be found here

I was humbled by Stuart Rance and  Judy spending an entire day in taking me across entire London and making me feel like being at home. I bet that even if I had hired a professional guide, it wouldn`t have matched anywhere close to Stuart`s expertise and warmth of love.

Thanks to Barclay Rae, the ITSM Contributor of the year at SITS14 who shared his perspectives, learning’s and opportunities from being an Independent Consultant.  I am amazed by his contribution of ITSM Goodness to the community.

ITSM India Podcast

I thank Kirstie Magowan and Matthew Hooper who believed in the potential of creating ITSM India Podcast and gave me the opportunity to be the lead host . I take immense pride to represent my country.  It has been a great experience working with Kirstie on blogs for Shift,  ITSM India Podcast and my joy doubled when we had her  in Bangalore spending time with my family.  I would like to register my special thanks to William Goddard who was instrumental to articulate the Global ITSM Podcast that kicked off at Fusion14.

itSMF Australia – LeadIT14

This was one of my best conferences ever attended in ITSM area. The level of planning, execution and scale that the conference was held blew me apart.  What a great team of people who worked tirelessly with passion, dedication to make it a class event.?  I want to congratulate once again Karen Ferris who won the Life Time Achievement award and inspired every aspirant in this space to contribute back to community.  It was a great opportunity to meet Cat Woman, Knowledge Bird, Breed Barret and whole lot of ITSM practitioners across the globe. I particularly loved the Ignite sessions and the Panel Debate with likes of Rob England, James Finister,  Karen Ferris , Robert Stroud and Malcolm Fry.

I cannot forget to express my joy of love for Breed & Karen in hosting me during my short stint at Melbourne.  I am indebted to complete the exercise of ICE Bucket still, probably my to do task in 2015 J


Personally, this was my greatest blessing to meet and greet some of my heroes like David Cannon, Roy Atkinson and Ex HPites,  Ken Wendell, John Clark.

Thanks to Matt for hosting the ISM Informal party which every one of us thoroughly enjoyed.  I can`t forget the representation of 16 Nationalities and fun. I am highly indebted to some of the Intellectual and Entrepreneurial discussions had with Mauricio and  Carlos Casonava during my visit to Washington.

Gaming works

One of the greatest learning that I have received in 2014 must be attributed to my association with Gaming works.  People who have a great attitude and passion for everyone to grow in the value chain build great companies.  I can`t express my sincere thanks to Paul Wilkinson & Jan Schilt who have been instrumental in supporting my interest and involvement with business simulations.  I had the good fortune to spend two full weeks with Jan and what an experience that has been – Truly phenomenal and mind blogging.   I have learnt so many subtle aspects by just observing the way Jan has conducted the TT Sessions and workshops.  Gamification is my big bet for 2015 and I look forward to taking it to my region and making an impact.

Overall Community

Thanks to Sysaid team who have been supporting me through the blogs of Dena Freiden (SITS14), Cael Metcalfe (LeadIT14) and iron woman Sarit Lahav. It has been really heartening to have met Sophie Danby (Charm of spearheading ITSM initiatives and social collaboration) Stephen Mann, (Man who has earned his name & reputation with his fascinating blogs and thought leadership) , Andrea Kis (Friend you can always rely upon and speaker buddy) Rebecca Beach (Lovely friend ) Martin & Glen Thompson (ITSM & ITAM Review),  Kevin Holland ( ITSM guru),  Ivor Macflarene ( ITSM Veteran & most practical guy), Tobyas Nygberg, Dave Churchley ( Practitioners of ITSM),  Daniel Breston ( Lean ITSM Guru),  Patrick Bolger ( Evangelist) , Kaimar Karu (ITSM+Devops) ,  Kenneth Gonzalez  (respected leader & good friend), Toby Moore ( Fun, Frolic and charming friend),  Jonathan ( Conference in a box), Elina  Pirjanti ( enthusiastic & passionate ITSM friend),  Claire Agutter ( Birthday twin), Paula Määttänen ( itsMF Finland), John Custy ,Sofi Fahlberg (itSMF Norway Chairwoman), Tall Friend Dagfinn Krog (itSMF Norway) and many more around the globe…

You have been a source of inspiration to me and I have learnt a lot last one year because of your presence and contribution to the ITSM Community. I look forward to joining hands and contributing back to a larger cause for the benefit of the ITSM Community!

Together, lets rock 2015 and make this globe a better place to live in!!!

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy  and Prosperous 2015