Global Big Data Conference (July 25-27 2022)

Looking forward to speaking at the Global Big Data Conference (July 25-27 2022) on my favourite topic of #SiteReliabilityEngineering

“Pitching #SRE to your Senior Executives”
This talk presents some pragmatic insights to pitch the value to Board, Senior Executives, and leaders to fund the Site Reliability Journey.

1. Understand the trends of SRE and its implication to business value
2. Value Proposition of SRE to business
3. Key Tenets and Principles to get management buy-in and support
4. Case Study and Best Practice to make it work.

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Suresh GP, M-Tech is currently the Founder & Managing Director of TaUB Solutions. He has more than 20+ Years of IT experience and specialized in IT Service Management, IT Governance, Agile, DevOps and Business Relationship Management. Suresh as a Principal Consultant does Consulting, Training, Simulations and Implementation services for DevOps to Fortune 2000 organization

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