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DevOps for Career Growth

DevOps – A must-have skill for Software and Operations engineers

In many of the organizations DevOps has become a must-have skill for Software and Operations engineers for their career growth.

Do you want to grow with the Industry and start elevating your profile and salary? Do you have the desire to make a lasting impact in your role and career?  Have you upgraded your knowledge in the areas of the latest technologies, frameworks and enhanced models?  

According to the 2020 DevOps Trends Survey, nearly all (99%) of respondents said DevOps has had a positive impact on their organization. Companies seeking DevOps professionals are offering an average of $700k per annum (Glassdoor).

As per the recent study published by Forbes – the cloud computing market has grown from roughly $260 billion in 2017 to roughly $411 billion in 2020. As the Cloud Services market is making their presence high, so is the significance of DevOps. A survey shows that 74% of companies have implemented DevOps concepts in one or other way. Many Products and Services companies are becoming leaders in DevOps. Even government and semi-government organizations are embracing DevOps. 

DevOps removes the “Wall of confusion” by breaking silos between Development and Operations, which are now heavily recognized as the core components of a successful software development process. DevOps builds a clear relationship between development and operations and promotes agility in the Product life cycle. As such, it is an excellent way to improve effectiveness and efficiencies across IT systems in order to lower costs.



We have an increased demand for the DevOps model and approach and have reached an all-time high. Use this opportunity to learn and grow your career in DevOps and have a clear understanding of the concepts of DevOps before you start your journey. In many of the organizations DevOps has become a must-have skill for IT professionals across the entire value chain (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Developers, Test Engineers, Architects, QA, Production Support Engineers, Information Security professionals, and Database Administrators)

You have a great opportunity to start your journey in the areas of DevOps. Follow the learning path below

Start with a basic understanding of concepts and components of DevOps through DevOps Foundation Training and Certification course. This is a sixteen (16) hour Virtual led training course that provides 

  1. An introduction to DevOps
  2. Understanding DevOps as a culture – As DevOps emphasizes on better collaboration and communication that enables end to end ownership
  3. Integrated tools enable seamless movement of code in the entire Product life cycle
  4. Automation to deliver and maintain software products with speed to market and reliable service
  5. Third way of DevOps – Culture of Continual Experimentation and Learning and flow of work between software developers and operations professionals that will result in an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster

Choosing DevOps as a fresher or as an experienced IT professional presents promising opportunities which can flourish your career. It is essential to have the right skills and mindset for a career in DevOps. To be unique in the crowd with various IT professionals, it is important to validate your skills with the DevOps Certification. 

Get trained by Suresh GP,  DevOps Practitioner with hands-on industry experience, who can translate theory into action

Enroll for an upcoming DevOps Foundation course and get certified through TaUBSolutions – a Premium Partner of the DevOps Institute