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The world of information technology is evolving at an incredible pace. The top IT companies are working to stay one step ahead of the curve in order to provide their customers with the best solutions possible. This post will be exploring some of these solutions that organizations are using right now, and what they expect them to look like in 2021.

The goal? To keep your data safe from cybercriminals! In a world where everyone’s digital life is online, there will always be those looking to steal it for personal gain or for nefarious purposes. It’s up to us as professionals in this industry to make sure our clients can rest easy knowing they’re protected against any threat imaginable. Buckle up – we’re about to take a deep dive into how cybersecurity looks.

Big Data Security Analytics

Big data security analytics is a service offered by top IT companies. These products collect and integrate all of the cyber-threat data from various sources across the Internet, including firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, website servers and consumer devices. Big data can also be obtained from public sources such as forums, blogs, social media and the deep and dark web.

IT companies can use this data in a number of ways. It can be used to help the IT department understand the current cyber security threat level, detect potential threats and create proper defenses for them. Big data analysis also helps IT departments stay up-to-date on all new exploits that are surfacing daily and create defenses around them.

By 2021, IT companies predict that big data security analytics will continue to grow in size and complexity. Security professionals will be able to combine multiple streams of information into single analysis reports. A greater number of potential threats will be detected through big data security analytics as cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their work and faster at releasing new exploits.

Next-Gen Firewall Solutions

Next-generation firewall solutions are next on our list. These firewalls use a number of different detection and filtering methods to identify both known & unknown threats as well as prevent activity that might be malicious in nature. IT security professionals can use the information collected by the solutions to create a real-time network map that shows them everything from device locations, to internal IP addresses and devices connected via the firewall.

By 2021, IT companies predict that these solutions will be applied more widely in order to protect both enterprise and consumer networks. New threats will continue to surface daily as cybercriminals grow increasingly sophisticated in their methods & techniques. Multi-tier security networks will be a norm, and IT professionals implementing next-gen firewalls can apply policy decisions to mitigate these risks by providing access that is on par with the needs of the organization’s business requirements at large.

Advanced Threat Analytics

Advanced threat analytics seek out malicious activity based on certain behaviors rather than just defining malicious objects that have already been identified. These technologies are usually deployed in a network near the endpoint, but can also be placed further away in order to provide better protection. Network behavior is closely monitored and when it deviates from normal activity, an alert is sent to the IT department for investigation.

IT companies predict that by 2021, advanced threat analytics will become more sophisticated as it learns from past attacks and replicates them in a simulated environment. IT departments can then use the results to look at new ways of securing their network even further and creating a better defense against cyber threats.

Cloud-Based Data Security

As we near the end of this post, let’s take a look at cloud-based data security. Cloud-based data security solutions are network tools that allow IT departments to create a robust security policy, enforce it across all employee and consumer endpoints. They remotely monitor the activity of users in order to ensure compliance. By 2022, these solutions will be used by more organizations than ever before as they become faster and easier to implement. As more companies become comfortable with the security of the cloud, we will see a greater number implement it into their organizations in order to provide better protection and keep data secure from cybercriminals.

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