Fireside Chat on XLA and Experience Management

Agenda –  Introduction to XLA Myths around XLA and Experience Management Measuring Digital Employee Experience Practical Use Cases of Implementing XLA XLA Certification Journey Q&A See less LinkedIn Live by Suresh GP in conversation with Weston Morris Event Link: About: Join me for the Linkedin Live event along with Weston Morris, Director, Global Strategy at […]

SFIA8 – Skills Framework for the Information Age

 SFIA8 - Skills Framework for the Information Age Join us to learn more about #SFIA8 and how you can acquire the necessary skills and competencies in this digitalage. Matthew Burrows of SkillsTx has been a pioneer in spearheading the #SkillsFrameworkforInformationAge for more than a decade now. TaUB Solutions is a proud partner to deliver the #SFIA program Date: 13th October 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM (BST) [...]

DevOps in Banking & Retail Industry

Join us on Oct 26, 2020 from 6 PM to 7 PM Singapore Time to  listen to our Webinar. Agenda: Introduction to DevOps (Drivers, Trends, Approach with Key Practices) Use Case of DevOps in the Banking Sector Use Case of DevOps in the Retail Sector Lessons Learnt (Best/Worst Practices) Q&A click here to register