BRM Introduction

BRM Introduction

BRM Institute introduces the Business Relationship Management: Knowledge Path to Success. There are four paths introduced in the BRM KPTS: Introduction, Certification, Application, and Results. These paths provide businesses and business leaders with knowledge to make BRM successful as a discipline, individually, and as an organization

BRM Fundamentals

The BRM Fundamentals workshop is an introduction to Business Relationship Management as a capability, role, and discipline. This workshop provides a primary basis of BRM understanding to ensure a successful journey through the KPTS. This workshop is designed for anyone looking to understand BRM and its fundamentals, open to everyone, at any level, and in any role that wants to learn more about interacting with and/or how to achieve success through BRM.

Business Relationship Management Executive Brief

Why and how to leverage a Business Relationship Management capability to move IT, Finance, HR, external partners, etc. to converged strategic partners and drive exponential business results consistently across industries. A BRM capability drives business value, builds strategic partnerships, and evolves enterprise culture to support collaboration and shared ownership of strategy and results across all business functions.