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Join us @ BRM Connect 2018, San Diego, USA

Grab@Pizza: An Experiential Learning Approach for Business

Grab@Pizza is a dynamic, business simulation in which IT and Business managers can come together to explore the Business & IT relationship and the role of Business Relationship Management.  The game simulates a year in the life of the Grab@Pizza organization. The first fictive 6 months were dramatic in terms of IT and Business performance. Transformation is required. The business has an ambitious strategy in which IT can be a crucial enabler to realize ‘value creation’. At the same, IT must improve its ITSM capabilities to reduce ‘Value Leakage’. In the simulation the BRM must create trust and credibility with both the Business partner and IT provider, moving from an order-taker to a strategic partner.

Date/Time:     10/2/2018 3:00:00 PM

Room:             Sunset Ballroom


Attitude, Behaviour, Culture (ABC)  – Why do they matter?

In this Unique ABC Gamification workshop, Teams are entrusted with playing cards (57 Nos) to review issues pertaining to Attitude, Behaviour and culture. These depict practical scenarios that prevent organisation achieve true business value. Based on the cards selected, the team identifies the stakeholder, business impact and make tangible actions to improve the situation. This is a game filled with fun, learning and sharing with your stakeholders.

 Key takeaways for attendees

  1. Understand how attitude, behavior and culture plays an important role in achieving business outcomes
  2. How to tackle the issues with the stakeholder and come up with corrective and preventive actions
  3. Garner support from team and management to develop blue print and execution plan.
  4. Apply the lessons learnt from the game to their respective organisations

 Date/Time:     10/2/2018 9:15:00 AM

Room:             Dockside Room


ABC Card Gaming Workshop summary