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Marslander – Agile Service Management Simulation

What is Marslander all about?  The challenges faced by ITSM organisations in the coming years are about developing new ways of working that are m
DevOps for Product Owner

DevOps for a Product Owner

In Conversion with Dr. DevOps Product Owner: Dear Dr. DevOps. Thanks for your appointment. I’m hearing about DevOps everywhere. Can DevOps cure
Team at BRM Connect Conference

BRM Connect: Grab@Pizza Business & IT Alignment Simulation

BRM Connect: Grab@Pizza Business & IT Alignment Simulation The  Simulation was played by 12-14 BRMs over 2 rounds on the final day of the BRM Con
design thinking

Design Thinking and Corporate Creativity

Here’s a common occurrence in companies today: management declares that innovation is a priority and seemingly in an instant, armies of consultants