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TaUB Solutions LLP is a Certified Delivery Gold Partner of Gaming Works to deliver the following business Simulations in India and Overseas. We are glad that at the moment we are the only Gold Partner in whole of India to deliver the business simulations.

While IT Service Management  (ITSM) has been the back bone for Infrastructure operations, has it scaled up to meet the business demand of customers? Can you guarantee services repeatable, predictable, cost effective along with seamless delivery to ensure business outcomes?
Overall 70 % of projects fail due to various reasons. This does not help even when professionals are trained on PMI certification or Prince2® . How do you build an effective task force that manages timeline, budget and quality? How do you move the mindset from Traditional to Agile way of working?
DevOps promises businesses with shorter release cycles (Agile) and stable infrastructure environment (Stability). However this requires paradigm shift in terms of mindset, behaviours, metrics, automation using tool-chain in both Development and Operation. How do you make this happen within short time?
Business Relationship Management is a discipline more than a role. How do organisations develop value chain, benefit realisation, demand-supply balance along with Business -IT Convergence? Business Relationship Managers play the role of Connector, Navigator and Orchestrator in bridging Business Partner with Provider to truly deliver business value.
As we enter the era of Digital Transformation information is becoming an increasingly critical asset that must be protected. With advance in Cloud, mobility, IOT, there are several threats and cyber attacks making organisations standstill.  Are you worried about the people and behaviour issues relating to cybersecurity?
The Goal of lean is to deliver customer value by improving the flow and reducing the waste/constraints. How can you leverage lean in the context of your existing business process, ITSM, Agile and DevOps initiatives?  How can you apply Value stream mapping to improve process, time and cost performances?
Oregon Department of Administrative Services IT recently completed The Phoenix Project simulation, facilitated by Suresh GP.

 The course itself was fantastic, but the heart of the learning was in the expert facilitation by Suresh. He adapted his approach to maximize the learning of every individual in the class. I highly recommend the course, and especially Suresh GP.

Greg Sanker, DAS IT

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