• CarWorks Business Simulation – Lean Process Management

    Setup The setting was based on the CarWorks business simulation. CarWorks is a car factory that wants to deliver value to their customers. At this very moment, the performance is bad and the profit is under pressure. Time for a serious performance improvement to make the company healthy again! The … Continue reading
  • Oceans 99 – Cybersecurity Business Simulation

    Cyber security and Cyber resilience are hot topics. Driven by the growing importance of and dependency upon information technology  fuelled by high profile, highly damaging security breaches are making news headlines. In the latest IT Trends study by the Society for Information management it scores number 1 on the list of CIO … Continue reading
  • Are you an Agile Team? Challenge of Egypt Project

    We as TaUB Solutions had a great opportunity to demonstrate practical benefits of applying Agile in Project Management practices with PMI Singapore members on 26th Nov 2016 at Sentosa Cove, Singapore. We had total of 14 members + 5 Board Members who were involved in the one day business simulation. … Continue reading
  • DevOps in practice – Experiential Learning

    Fig 1 : Business Dashboard                                          Fig 2: Team getting geared to play round 1 Over the last 2 weeks I had the opportunity to play the DevOps business simulation “The … Continue reading
  • Challenging Business as a Strategic BRM?

    We have just completed the BRM Connect Conference in Sydney (28th -30th June) and what a fantastic event by BRMI! I am still nostalgic of the learning, sharing and fun experienced with Business Relationship Managers across BRM global community. I had the unique advantage of being an EMCEE, Speaker and … Continue reading
  • ABC of ICT – BRM Workshop results

    As part of delivering the Business Relationship Management Professional course in Shanghai for a Client, we did the ABC Cards of ICT  during the lunch break. There were 3 teams of 5 split to pick up top Issues they encountered in the organization as part of Attitude, Behavior and Culture. … Continue reading
  • Retrospecting 2015 and Welcoming 2016

    At the Onset, let me wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous 2016. It is this time of the year that would be worthwhile to contemplate about the accomplishments; success stories and lessons learnt with the earnest desire to do better in the upcoming year. Looking back, 2015 … Continue reading
  • ITIL Process and Tools – The Argument Continues

    This blog follows on from the recent post from Phyllis Drucker and stems from my recent experience delivering Service management tools training for Service desk professionals. I recently delivered this  foundation training on Service Desk tools for Process owners. The course outline and prerequisites were communicated well in advance and when I stepped in for the … Continue reading
  • Why Should You Sign Up for a Mentor-Mentee Program?

    As part of leading HP service management profession mentoring committee, I would like to register my thoughts as to why joining mentoring program would be a great value add and rewarding experience to enhance your career. Most of us are busy in our existing roles delivering engagements or projects at … Continue reading
  • IT Feels Good – Reflections from itSMF Finland 2015

        This blog is a reflection of my collective experience of what I saw, heard and experienced from Sep 16 – 19th in Helsinki. I have heard a lot about the Scandinavian conferences from James Finister, however this was my first time to speak and attend itSMF Finland Conference … Continue reading